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Grading Terms
It is important to remember that our advertisements are anywhere between 30 and 100 years old or more. Paper can survive remarkably well under the right conditions. However, acidity, quality of the paper, and storage play an important factor in how well a print has endured the test of time. We strive to accurately descibe all our prints as precisely as possible. For example, Mint Condition, in our opinion does NOT exist. The following table below will explain how we judge the quality of our vintage advertisements. Each print we have listed for sale is judged on the following scale and any particular remarks are included in the condition section beside each print.


Mint condition is almost an impossibility to declare. Mint would mean that the print or magazine was seal wrapped on the day of production and never handled to the present day. None of our prints are judged to be in Mint condition.
Near Mint is a very rare condition print. The color and paper is vibrant and extremely well preserved. There is absolutely no sign of aging to the naked eye. We have a very limited number of Near Mint prints available.
Excellent is our most common designation. Excellent denotes the print may have some signs of aging such as toning. Toning is the rust color hue all paper acquires due to oxidation. Foxing is the miniscule wrinkle effect paper can acquire due to exposure to moisture in storage. There are no major rips, wrinkles or foxing in the print. A minor rip on the outside edge less than half an inch, a corner page curl or dog ear may be evident, however, this will be noted in the condition section beside the print. Usually these imperfections can be masked by framing or matting.
Very good or good denotes there is an imperfection somewhere within the print. A small stain, rip, or ink transfer from an adjoining page or moisture damage has affected the print. Any and all imperfections are noted in each condition box beside the print.
The print has a major imperfection inherent due to age or condition such as severe foxing, wrinkles or water/moisture damage. The print has been listed despite it's poor condition due to the rarity or interest of the print.

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