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Q. Are your prints authentic?

A. YES! We only deal in original authentic print ads, NEVER any digital copies or mass produced later reproductions. See more on our About Us information page.

Where do you find your prints?

A. We have searched vintage collectible sources in USA, Canada, and Europe to bring together a unique collection of many one of a kind original advertisement prints.

Q. How do you ship your prints?

A. We take great care to securely package our prints to minimize the risk of any damages in transit. See our shipping information page for complete details.

Q. Can you sell the images for third party usage?

A. No. While we do maintain copyright over all images created on this site, the ads themselves are copyrighted as well by their individual parent companies that created them. You would have to contact the copyright owner to request permission for reuse in any further work.

Q. Can I use your images on my site?

A. Yes. Please credit each image used from our site as follows:

Image courtesy

Please ensure the hyperlink returns to our home page at:

IMPORTANT: Usage of our images is at your own risk. The ads may or may not be subject to additional copyright from their original creators. Due to the large amount of images documented on our site from thousands of different companies, we do not provide copyright clearance of any kind, nor do we maintain ownership information. Please consult your legal department if you have any further questions.

Q. Will you take an offer on a particular ad?

A. Our prices are non negotiable for single orders. If you are a collector wishing to purchase multiple prints, we would be pleased to offer substantial discounts depending on which prints you desire. We also offer special deals for automotive dealerships wishing to document their product line on the showroom floor. Check out our package deal page for savings on multiple ads. Please contact us with your wish list and we will be happy to quote a special price.

Q. What does toning, foxing, etc. refer to in the description box?

A. All paper deteriorates with age. Toning is the slight copper or rust color paper will display as a result of oxidation due to age. Foxing is a wrinkling effect also inherent as a result of age. See our grading page for complete details.

Q. I have a large collection of vintage advertising literature. Do you purchase collections?

A. We have tens of thousands of vintage print ads waiting to be uploaded to our site. For this reason, we are not purchasing for resale at the moment.

Q. Can I purchase the classic TV Commercials you have featured on your site.

A. We have presented the classic TV Commercials section as an historical showcase only. The clips are not for sale, however, you can download all the clips to your computer, blog or website free of charge. Simply click on the appropriate link at the bottom of each commercial page. Thousands more vintage clips can be accessed at

Q. Do you have this particular make/model automobile in another color? My car is blue, not white.

A. The short answer to this is probably, no. We cannot re-create an original print since the manufacturer chose to highlight a particular model, color scheme, etc. Most advertisements for automobiles would showcase a particular model, make, engine size etc. and this would apply to the entire model line. Rarely would different color schemes be used for a particular model in a given year or campaign.

Q. Do you take requests?

A. We maintain a locator search service to help serious collectors find their desired advertisement. Our search fee is fixed at $50.00US.

Q. Why is your locator service so expensive?

A. Many individuals contact us to locate a particular print and then never follow through with the purchase. Before we will undertake the time consuming task of locating a print for a potential buyer, we must be certain the request is legitimate and the buyer has every intention of following through with a purchase. For more information, please view our locator search info page.

Q. What happens if I am unhappy with my purchase?

A. We offer a full refund minus actual shipping charges for any purchase. See more about our 100% money-back guarantee for details and conditions. Locator service fees are non-refundable. The fee is charged to cover costs of time and effort undertaken to locate your print.

Q. Why are many of your sold ads left on site?

A. Our ultimate goal in creating this site is to highlight the incredible talent and art design graphic work that existed in the last century. Illustrators and artists were the main driving force behind the print advertising medium throughout the middle of the 20th century. Our principle mission is for this site to serve the internet public as a resource archival center in memory of a unique and forgotten craft.

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