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DONATE Your Car!

The majority of our visitors are here to view old ads about old cars. We realized we were in the unique position to help spread the word about the importance of donating old vehicles to charity. Many legitimate charities accept donations of old vehicles whether running or not. The advantages of donating your vehicle are numerous:

  • Most charity organizations provide free pickup of your vehicle, usually within a few days of your call.
  • All registered charity organizations will provide you a tax receipt of fair market value for your donated vehicle.
  • Avoid the hassle of trying to sell your old beater yourself, placing expensive ads, scheduling appointments, and dealing with just plain tire kickers.
  • The costs of restoring or repairing your old vehicle may outweigh the tax deduction you could receive from your donation.
  • You will feel good.

All kinds of vehicles are good candidates for charity vehicle donation. View the heartwarming story of a pediatrician who had a blown motor on her 1993 Toyota 4Runner and decided to donate it to the National Kidney Foundation. Moreover, many charities are now accepting all kinds of vehicles, from recreational vehicles to boats, buses, trailers, motorcycles, even timeshares and real estate can be donated to the charity of your choice. You will have to check with each charity directly as to specific terms and conditions as these will vary from organization to organization. As donation dollars become more and more scarce, relief organizations have had the insight to shift gears and now accept different kinds of charitable gifts. Click here to view the IRS page detailing charitable contributions of property and how to assess the deduction.

But there are precautions to take before you choose to donate. Some charities are not always scrupulous about their accounting procedures and in fact a small few are set up just to make a profit. Do your homework and make sure the foundation or charity you select is reputable and above board. For more tips on choosing a charity, we recommend you read the article on how to spot the scam artists.

If in doubt, contact your local Better Business Bureau for information on the charity organization you are considering. The BBB maintains a registry of charitable organizations and their financial accounting reports.. Yes, there are some people out to take your money. But this should not deter you in your desire to help others by donating a vehicle. Examples of the reputable charity organizations that accept vehicles are:

National Kidney Foundation

American Lung Association

American Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Fund

Just imagine, that old clunker in your backyard that your wife is bugging you about is actually of benefit to someone. It can feed homeless children in South America, clothe hurricane disaster victims in Texas, purchase delivery vans for blood transfusion clinics in Utah, and maybe help in finding a world wide cure for cancer. Not bad for a bucket of rust?

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