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HUMMER Logo® On March 22, 1983 the U.S. Army awarded AM General a $1.2 billion contract to produce 55,000 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), pronounced Humvee®. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the first Hummer manufactured for civilian use in 1992. Today, General Motors has licensed the Hummer name for civilian use however, both military and civilian models are still manufactured by AM General in South Bend, Indiana.
Coca Cola Coca Cola was invented by Atlanta pharmacist John Styth Pemberton in 1886. The origin of the company name derives from the original ingredients: extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. Contrary to popular belief, Coca Cola never contained much cocaine, estimates are the syrup contained 1 part per 50 million, or only 1/2 ounce in 25 million gallons. The world famous contour bottle is developed in 1915 to distinguish the beverage from imitations created by the competition.
Greyhound Greyhound Bus Lines originated in 1914 when Swedish immigrant Carl Eric Wickman began transporting miners in Minnesota for 15¢ per ride. The company sees numerous changes and in 1929, Motor Transport Corp. changes its name to Greyhound and adopts the running dog as its corporate logo. In 1956, the slogan "It's such a comfort to travel by bus - and leave the driving to us." is created. The slogan evolves to "Go Greyhound - and leave the driving to us."
Chevrolet Bowtie In 1910, William Durant, founder of General Motors is embattled by debt to the tune of $7 million. His strategy for retaining control is to team up with Louis Chevrolet, popular French race car driver of the era, to capitalize on the Chevrolet name. The Chevrolet Motor Car Company is incorporated on Nov. 3, 1911. No vehicles were produced until the following year, 1912. The famous jingle "See the U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet" is published in 1950 and popularized on the Dinah Shore Chevy Show from 1956 to 1963. The jingle makes a re-appearance in 1999 to promote the introduction of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala.
1913 Texas Company Logo In 1901, Joseph Cullinan and Arnold Schlaet start the Texas Fuel Company. In 1903, the company's third oil well drilled strikes paydirt, saving the fledging enterprise from bankruptcy. The first Texaco filling station opens in Brooklyn, NY in 1911. Print ads in 1938 began touting the cleanliness of Texaco Registered Rest Rooms across the nation. Corporate spokesmen have included comedian Ed Wynn, Jack Benny and Bob Hope. Today, Texaco has merged with Chevron to become the 5th largest energy company in the world.
Budweiser Eberhard Anheuser bought a small brewery in 1852. Budweiser Lager Beer is created in 1876 and in 1879, Anheuser marks Adolphus Busch's contribution to the brewery by renaming the company Anheuser Busch Brewing Association. The debut of Prohibition in 1920 forces the company to sell ice cream, yeast, malt syrup and a chocolate drink called Carcho to maintain profitability. A Clydesdale Wagon team is a gift from August A. Busch Jr. to his father in 1933 to mark the end of Prohibition and would become the world renown symbol for Budweiser. Steel cans are introduced in 1936. In 1950, the Dalmatian makes an appearance as the only mascot to ride the Hitch with the Clydesdale teams.
Marlboro Logo In the 1920's Philip Morris first marketed (unsuccessfully) Marlboro cigarettes as a premium cigarette for women. By the 1950's filter tip cigarettes began to appear due to concerns linking tobacco to cancer. At the time, filtered cigarettes were viewed as "cigarettes for sissies" so Philip Morris hired lengendary adman Leo Burnett to assist. The result was the now famous Marlboro Man campaign. Rugged men were portrayed smoking while performing manly tasks. The campaign tripled sales by 1957. Marlboro Country appears in the 1960's, portraying freedom in wide open country scenes. A television ban on tobacco ads in 1971 shifted the campaign to print and billboard media where the image survives to the present day.



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